Excel Geophysics Inc. (Excel) is a Canadian company specializing in the acquisition, processing and interpretation of gravity and magnetic data. Founded in 1989, Excel's head office is based in High River, Alberta, Canada, 50 km south of the city of Calgary. Excel has a tremendous depth of experience and education to draw on for all applications of its operations. Excel is also a professional geophysical company, registered with APEGGA - Alberta's regulatory body.


Excel has decades of history with the oil and gas exploration, mining, environmental, and engineering industries and offers a broad spectrum of geophysical services including gravity, magnetic, seismic refraction, electromagnetic (EM), ground penetrating radar (GPR), very low frequency (VLF) and electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) data acquisition, processing and interpretation.


Excel routinely works throughout North America from Mexico to remote areas of Alaska and the Northwest Territories. Our international operations include extensive gravity and magnetic surveys in Tanzania, Cuba, Gabon and Iraq. Excel is well known for the ability to work in demanding environments, ranging from arctic tundra and high mountains to tropical lagoons and deserts.


Excel has conducted some of North America's largest gravity surveys. During the past five years alone, Excel has acquired over 30,000 land gravity stations, as well as over 10,000 gravity stations using our remote reading gravity meters, which can be used either underwater or suspended beneath a helicopter on a longline in difficult terrain. Excel has also performed custom data processing on an additional 75,000 stations.


Excel also provides consulting services and integrated interpretations of geophysical and geological data, as well as 2-D and 3-D gravity models integrated with existing seismic data, well information and surface geology.


Excel has been proactive in the negotiations with many local native cultures and has employed local services when possible. Our work inherently has almost no ecological footprint, and all our personnel are aware of the environmental implications of what they do at all times and make a concerted effort not to disrupt the environment.