Gravity Data Processing

Excel specializes in the reduction of gravity data in areas of rugged topography. Our proprietary terrain-correction software and extensive experience combine to provide the best terrain corrections available in the industry. Our gravity modeling capabilities allow us to effectively evaluate the exploration significance of gravity over very complex geology. We provide both 2D and 3D modeling.


Some of the considerations dealt with during our processing include:


Gravity Data Reduction:
  • Latitude correction
  • Free air correction
  • Bouguer correction
  • Terrain correction
    (inner & outer)
  • Bouguer water correction
  • Bathymetry correction
Gridding Methods:
  • Kriging
  • Minimum curvature
  • Inverse distance
  • Triangulation
Modeling Techniques:
  • Equivalent mass
  • Model thickness
  • Horizontal & vertical derivatives
  • Inverse modeling
Filtering Methods:
  • Median filter
  • High & low pass filter
  • Polynomial regression
Density Considerations:
  • Constant density Bouguer and terrain corrections
  • Variable density Bouguer and terrain corrections.