Excel owns and operates GEM Overhauser GSM-19 magnetometers. The GSM-19 is a total field quantum magnetometer integrated with a high accuracy GPS antenna acquiring real time GPS data. These magnetometers have an absolute accuracy of ± 0.1 nT and a resolution of ± 0.01 nT. Magnetometers are single sensor instruments that measure magnetic flux densities (in units of Tesla) at a point in space where the sensor is located. Magnetic surveys are designed to satisfy the client's needs; whether the survey objective is to acquire high sensitivity continuous data both airborne and on ground, high sensitivity discrete data or repeatable accurate base station readings.



  • Evaluate large areas for mineral bearing ore bodies and oil-bearing sedimentary structures
  • Locating and mapping buried ferrous metals, utilities, UXO, abandoned wells, landfills, trench boundaries, drums and USTs
  • Mapping geologic structures & archaeological footprints


  • Low-cost
  • Non-intrusive
  • Easy to operate
  • Detects ferrous metals (iron or steel)
  • Hand carried on ground